Discovering the Self, creating what you desire and living in achievement. This is your right.


This is what i-Spot coaching is about. Providing the space and support to allow you to find your true passions, acknowledge your inner power and create an action plan or state of being that propels you to achieve your highest goals and your grandest vision.

The life you are living is based on the choices you make every day and the state of your mind. Here you have the power to live a life that either keeps you small and within your comfort zone or the opportunity to step into your real potential. iSpot coaching dares you to let go of your life-denying thoughts and spot the true being that you are.

Spot the ‘i’ within yourself

As we mature in life, most of us become victims to our circumstances, instead of living and designing a life that reflects our true desires and passions. iSpot coaching supports you to strip away that which holds you back, act in spite of fears and achieve the results you want for your life, either professional or personal.

Do you wish to know your purpose and find the courage to pursue it?
Do you require support in changing or enhancing any area of your life?
Would you benefit from better, more fulfilling relationships?

You are the most valuable asset you could invest in

Every change begins through a willingness and a commitment. Through life coaching and workshops, iSpot coaching promises you a space conducive to discovering new possibilities, awakening valuable insights and clarifying action steps to achieve your goal.

Meet Sophie

Sophie Licht is a professional and accredited consciousness life coach

Sophie Licht specializes in relationships and business. She is an accredited personal and executive coach, trained through the internationally acclaimed coaching academy Creative Consciousness International (CCI). Her qualification is accredited internationally and through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Sophie Licht has a passion for transformation. She lives, breathes and practices the coaching tools within her own life and through her own experience allows the same powerful results to incur in her clients. Mother of one and divorced, Sophie knows the challenges faced by many in balancing out her various roles and ensuring the creation of fulfilling and successful relationships that support her journey.