Business coaching creates a powerful grounding from which to grow your business

The success of any business lies in the mental state of the people who turn its daily wheel. Success follows a clear, focused and purposeful state of being. Are you being that which you aim to achieve? What risks are you willing to take in order to step out of your comfort zone and into business victory? Business coaching helps you claim back your road to achievement, which is yours by birthright.

Coaching sessions follow strict protocol, whilst still being creative and spontaneous, to ensure you reach your desired outcome. Sophie Licht is an accredited professional executive life coach, offering you the opportunity to unleash the natural growth of your business and yourself.

Benefits of business coaching

  • Allows for greater focus, clarity and direction in your business
  • Creative insights and valuable solutions to meet your challenges
  • Increased self-confidence and power to change your circumstances
  • Assists in eliminating stress and worry
  • Better management to attain and achieve your desired goals
  • Better alignment of priorities to your core strategy
  • Increased mobility and positive action
  • Adds renewed purpose into your daily tasks and actions

Do i require business coaching?

Business coaching creates a powerful grounding from which to build a new business, grow an existing business or seek innovation on a successful organisation. When positive time, effort or focus is given to any undertaking, the true potential of that mission is reaslised. Realise the importance of you being present in your business through business coaching and the positive results will show themselves. Call Sophie for an obligation free quote and further clarity on how to start your new journey.