Given the challenges of modern life, do you sometimes feel that the way forward is
unclear? When this happens, a coach’s role is to use effective questioning
techniques to guide you through the mist, bringing clarity and purpose into your life.  

With regular coaching, you experience a sense of forward momentum with which
you’re able to implement changes at a faster rate than ever before.

Express Coaching is unique to iSpot Coaching, offering its clients a quick, solution-driven and impactful session on-the-go!

What is express coaching?

Do you find a lack of time for self-investment? Do you have a lifestyle where delivery is high priority or stress a normal part of the day? Do you require inspirational and solution-driven coaching on-the-go for instant performance?

Express Coaching is for anyone needing a quick, yet impactful and highly relevant boost in performance or fresh perspective.

iSpot Coaching offers this innovative and cost-effective express coaching option to fit into your lifestyle. Imagine having your own coach at your every beck and call? Just 45-60 minutes long, Sophie provides you a unique opportunity to really go for what you desire in life, when you desire it.

Some benefits include:

  • Convenience – This is anywhere, anytime coaching at your convenience. The coach aids you to avoid distraction, no matter where you are.
  • Mobility and flexibility – The coach comes to you, at the office, at home or on
    the phone, which means less time in traffic and more time to do what you do best.
  • Relaxed atmosphere – The coach will work wherever your comfort zone is, and
    the results gained in this way are faster, more immediate and more concrete.

Everyone needs choice so iSpot Coaching gives you two approaches to the express
coaching offering:

  • once-off
  • as-and-when you need it

This is a no-pressure, flexible solution for those days, weeks or months when you need support and fresh insights.