What is Life Coaching

What is consciousness coaching?

Consciousness Coaching® is an advanced methodology of coaching that creates shifts in your consciousness, empowering you to influence your destiny and create the future you choose to design. As a human being, you are inherently resourceful and have within you all the tools you need to be successful, to be powerful, to be happy and to generate prosperity. Consciousness Coaching® asks the right questions from a place of wisdom, rather than promoting second-hand knowledge.

Consciousness Coaching® believes that only those changes that come about by themselves (organically or naturally) can become an integral part of your consciousness and therefore will have a lasting effect. Consciousness Coaching® sessions and seminars are structured to provide you with a context in which awareness, growth and change can happen effortlessly. When you learn through experience, your ego is able to accept and integrate the change.

“As you expand your awareness and enhance your life, you will find a new reality awaits you.”

Take up coaching the i-spot way

iSpot Coaching is based on the belief that you have within you all the potential and required resources to achieve your goals and desired results. On this basis, the fundamental purpose of iSpot Coaching is to support you in awakening this reservoir of resources within you and create a space conducive to developing your full potential into a natural skill set.

With an internationally accredited and highly impactful methodology, the iSpot coaching way holds true to its ground breaking success rate. Join the iSpot way today and start your journey to self-discovery and achievement.


  • Coaching cycles are offered as 6-12 sessions
  • Each session is 40-60 minutes in length
  • Sessions can be taken weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • face-to-face, telephonic or Skype available
  • Venue and costs are discussed on request