Transforming the ‘Self’ at the core of your existence


iSpot Coaching is a powerful and results-driven methodology that ensures you have the tools to create the Self that you have always aspired to be, inspite of fear or other obstacles. iSpot coaching believes in the fundamental truth that to achieve anything in life, one must create a positive and believable context that naturally supports any goal you wish to attain naturally. Through this, iSpot coaching boasts a high success rate for its clients and is internationally acclaimed.

iSpot Coaching also offers empowerment workshops that looks at the many roles we play in our everyday lives and how these roles often cover the true essence that lies beneath. Through powerful games, group sharing and transformative tools, participants are able to unleash their true nature and design a life that supports this new awakening.


Transforming the ‘Self’ at the core of your existence


  • Providing the tools to assist in your inner transformation and outer creations
  • Creating a space conducive for your required change and positive outcomes
  • Giving you constant support on your journey to self-discovery and desired results
  • Opening your awareness to the self and its power to create fulfilling relationships