Relationships are the most important & vital aspect of your life

We have relationships to everything in our lives, from our partners, family, peers, friends and community to ourselves. How we choose to perceive everything in life dictates the kind of relationship we will create about it.

Learning the skill of positive communication and constant self-reflection is the only way to create fulfilling relationships. Relationship coaching opens the space for self-reflection and transformation to bring you into the possibility of your true desires and how to attain them.

Sophie Licht has an absolute passion for relationship coaching and comes from a life journey that has empowered her to assist other people in creating true, sustainable relationships. Being divorced and a mother has propelled Sophie to question the very essence that makes a relationship work and the result is a powerful and highly successful coaching formula that immediately puts you into action.

The relationship architect

A relationship architect is someone who has taken back responsibility for designing and building relationships in their life that add value, fulfill them and reflect positive growth. Being a relationship architect means stepping into the realm of creation and letting go of false beliefs. It’s about owning your circumstances and taking back control. When you are the architect of your relationship, you have the power to create only that which aligns to your true Self.

Using iSpot’s successful coaching formula, Sophie Licht guides you to awaken to your own inner architect. Through impactful tools and practical exercises, you are taught the skill of being and living the architect everyday in your relationship. With commitment to the process, the results are astounding.

Benefits of relationship coaching

  • Allows for greater clarity and direction in your relationship
  • Opens creative and insightful solutions to overcome challenges
  • Increased self-confidence and power to change your circumstances
  • Assists in eliminating negative beliefs and judgment
  • Greater sense of peace and heightened state of love through being responsible
  • Renewed passion and purpose in the relationship

Is relationship coaching for me?

Relationship coaching is for anyone wanting or willing to transform their current relationship into its true and natural state of being – 100% pure growth and fulfillment. It is a beautiful support structure for romantic partners, married couples, parent-child relationships, friendships and even business partners. Any relationship where you see value in taking ownership and responsibility for its positive transformation benefits from relationship coaching. Call Sophie for an obligation free quote and further clarity on how to start your new journey.