iSpot fans have their say

I had my first experience of life coaching under the able guidance of Sophie Licht of iSpot Coaching. She is a consummate professional, a superb coach and a nurturing and enlightening spirit, with the ability to help her clients to view their challenges (and the required solutions) with a fresh and non-intimidating perspective. In addition, her methodology and approach to coaching is both streamlined and flexible. Although I was initially skeptical about the potential of coaching, and what it could offer, I am now firmly a coaching convert. I would recommend Sophie most highly to clients with a personal, professional or relationship issue to address. It was a privilege to engage with her.
– Tiffany Markman

Sophie really helped me find the strength and inward focus to realise the importance of living in the ‘now’ and turning inward to find my true self and inner peace. I discovered that fear is an illusion and a trick of the mind, which if focused on too obsessively, have have the effect of manifesting itself. I met Sophie weekly for a period of 6 months, and she became my closest confidant in all aspects of my life…relationships, work, passions and goals. She really helped me find levels of strength and forgiveness I never thought possible.
– Anonymous

To be successful in anything you need to know what step to take. Knowing what steps to take will result in more success in your life (you are following the path of least resistance). Sophie teaches you, step by step, and shows you how to be successful. The topics covered range from relationships to business. For me the biggest awareness came from living in the NOW. it has changed my LIFE!! 

– Anonymous